Tradesformers Liaison – Angela W. Holt, President

What led you to become part of the Tradesformers program?

I wanted to help students understand there are options other than going to college that are just as respectable and allow for great financial income. I also wanted to help break the stereotype that often is seen for the plumbing trade.   

How long have you been participating in this initiative?

This is our 4th year. 

What do the apprenticeship students do while at CL Warters?

They will be learning hands-on skills under the supervision of an experienced plumber on commercial projects. This will include learning multiple types of pipe installations as well as installing plumbing fixtures.  Apprentices will also complete online educational training.  

While in their apprenticeship, what will the student be doing?

After the apprenticeship is complete, they have the opportunity to continue to increase their skills, to move up different levels of plumbing titles within our company, as well as add a certification to become a medical gas installer.