What led you to become a part of the Tradesformers program?

We joined Tradesformers because we share their passion for bringing skilled trades to students in the local schools. We value our community and see the importance of training our youth for tomorrow. We believe in exposing students to the opportunities in their backyard so that they can make educated decisions on their career path beyond graduation. Tradesformers allows students to gain experience in a skilled trade and begin their career upon graduation or as soon as they are trained and ready. Learning a skilled trade can be an avenue for a lifelong career providing a good living for the student and their family.

How long have you been a part of this initiative?

Curtis Construction has been a Tradesformer Business Partner since 2022.

While in their apprenticeship, what will the student be doing?

Our apprenticeship program will allow our apprentices to receive hands-on experience working with various roofing systems through repairs and installations. Our classroom education is performed by our in-house trainer utilizing online tools.