Tradesformers Liaison – Jacob Swink, Electric Distribution Engineer

What led you to become part of the Tradesformers program?

GUC joined Tradesformers to recruit local students for linework career opportunities.

How long have you been participating in this initiative?

4 years

What do the apprenticeship students do while at GUC?

Students work with a 5-man line working crew and assist with the installation and maintenance of Greenville Utilities’ electric distribution system. This work includes setting and framing distribution poles, installing underground wire, installing transformers, and switching cabinets, etc. Our students will have the opportunity to work with heavy equipment such as line trucks, bucket trucks, excavators, trenchers, and plows.

What opportunities do the apprentices have after they complete the program? After our student completes their senior year of high school, they will work full time through the summer. In the fall, they will enroll in an Electric Linework School at Nash Community College or Martin Community College.  During the 16-week program, the student will not work at GUC.  Upon obtaining the 3rd Class Line Construction Certificate, the student is eligible to begin a one-year internship at GUC.

During and after the apprenticeship, our apprentice will likely have multiple opportunities to apply for line worker jobs at GUC. The apprentice will also have the appropriate certifications to start a linework career elsewhere. Line workers are in high demand across the country.