Tradesformers Liaison – H. B. Moore, Regional Vice President

What led you to become a part of Tradesformers?

There has been a decades-long technician shortage with the most skilled in our trade retiring in the next five to ten years. The HVAC trade has been very generous to me since 1979. I feel that Tradesformers is a chance to leave a legacy.

How long have you been a part of this initiative?

We have been a part of Tradesformers since day one as a founding member.

While in the apprenticeship students do while working at Piedmont Service Group?

Apprentices will be doing lots of preventive maintenance, working on an installation team, assisting senior technicians with major system repairs, PCC and PSG classroom time.

What opportunities do the apprentices have after they complete the program?

When all the qualifications have been met (8,000 hours on the job, along with education), apprentices will receive their Journeyman’s Card and the future can be whatever path they choose. Piedmont is a large company with multiple locations across three states. We love to promote from within.